ChefSteps Offers Free Online Culinary Lessons from Modernist Cuisine Alumni

Modernist Cuisine is a revered cookbook and encyclopedia, but at $625, the six-volume (52 pounds!) collection is out of reach for most of us. That's ok. ChefSteps, run by creators of Modernist Cuisine, will teach you the art and science of cooking—for free via online courses.

The courses offer step-by-step lessons with videos even quizzes and tests (which you can skip if you want). You'll be able to ask the ChefSteps team questions during online office hours too.

Preview the first course now and sign up to start learning modern cooking techniques.

Cook Taste Eat Teaches You to Cook with Free Daily Emails and Videos

Cook Taste Eat is a great new resource for both budding and advanced home cooks. The site presents a daily video each day teaching you chef techniques and tricks, and at the end of each week it all culminates in a tasty new meal.

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